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Who's the WR2 in Green Bay?

The wide receiver one for Aaron Rodgers is probably one of the most valuable assets in Fantasy Football. Just as valuable of an asset is the wide receiver two for Aaron Rodgers. The issue going into this season, is there isn’t a clear-cut number two in Green Bay right now. Today, we will break down on a value-based system of which is the best one to invest in.

Geronimo Allison – Allison, when he played, was better for fantasy than I think people remember, in five games he only had one fantasy game below 10 points, and everything else was 12 or higher. He never hit 20 but that’s not the point. His stats may be overblown as he missed most of the season battling injury, but:

-He averaged 12.5 fantasy points per game

-Had a true catch rate of 83.3%

-Average target distance of 13 yards

-Had 100% contested catch rate (only on 2 targets)

-Averaged 2.08 fantasy point per target

He wasn’t fantastic by any means, but in this little sample size from the 2018 season he was good with Aaron Rodgers. The Packers didn’t extend him though, which is troublesome. He’s going in the 8th round, which doesn’t give him the greatest value as a player, but if he performs like he did last season on a full 15 game fantasy season, he would be worth that 8th round draft capital.

Equanimeous St. Brown – He did basically nothing last season, except for two games. In week 5 he had a game with 11.9 points, and a game with 14.4 points. He saw some tough coverage though from Xavien Howard, Shaquill Griffin, Jason McCourty. It’s not surprising he was bad, but here are his metrics:

-Averaged 4.9 points per game

-Had a true catch rate of 80.9%

-Averaged target distance of 13.7 yards

-Caught 1/3 contested catches

-Averaged 1.5 fantasy point for target

Okay, so he’s not that good, and didn’t perform that well. The bright side, he’s going undrafted in PPR leagues. You can get him for no cost, i.e your last pick or a week before the season starts as a stash. I don’t think he’s the number two but based on value he is an enticing pick up.

Marques-Valdes Scantling – 67% snap share with 41% in the slot. From weeks from 5-10 he was great for fantasy, and clearly the number two over St. Brown. His health, and his production was probably the best of the three receivers. His metrics:

-Averaged 6.9 fantasy points per game (niiiiccceeee)

-Had a true catch rate of 77%

-Average target distance of 12.3

-3/9 contested catches, for 33.3%

-Averaged 1.54 fantasy points per target

MVS is currently going in the 14th round, which is essentially what you get St. Brown for, and I think MVS is the better pick of the two. He proved himself more last season, despite some stinkers towards the end of the season.

From a value-based standpoint, MVS is the best player to draft of the three. Unfortunately though you don’t get to decide that when its your pick in the 8th round and Allison is going to be staring you down. The 8th round doesn’t look good right, consisting of rookie wide receivers who won’t break out right away, a few flyer running backs, and Dante Pettis. I will rank them from a value base as followed:

1. MVS

2. Allison

3. St. Brown

With this though, I think all three are worth owning, as all three could become the number two at any point in the season. We don’t know what LeFleur has in store yet and that makes them all keep some value in their own way.

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