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Week Two - Waiver Wire Grabs

Hopefully your week one matchups went exactly as you thought they would (doubtful). Today we’re breaking down my top 5 waiver wire grabs of the week. Hopefully you didn’t waste any FAAB before week one kick off because I think this is one of the best week one waivers I’ve seen in a few years.

Wide Receivers:

John Ross (4.5% owned) – He had twelve freakin’ targets. Andy Dalton looked pretty good, threw for over 400 passing yards. With Marvin Lewis he averaged 234 per games. Despite the loss, Zac Taylor’s coaching debut looks promising. AJ Green will eventually come back, but even then, why can’t we see Ross, Green and Boyd all co-exist? I would be willing to spend a relatively nice amount of FAAB, but don’t overpay and I think he is someone to spend your waiver priority on.

Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown (28.2% owned) – He played twelve snaps, but he did what he did 4/147/2 on just twelve snaps. Yes, Miami is a bad team, but the Ravens looked like a good team. The icing on the cake? He'll be playing the Cardinals this coming week - the same Cardinals team that let Matthew Stafford throw up and down on. I’ll be the first to admit, I avoided the hell out of this Raven’s passing attack but I’m happy to admit I was wrong. Lamar Jackson looked good and should have some confidence under him now.

Running Backs:

Chris Thompson (18.9% owned) - For the three healthy games you get a year from Thompson, he’s good for fantasy. Guice is out for the foreseeable future, so we have a Thompson/AP split backfield. I think Thompson is the guy to own. Washington will see a lot of negative game scrips, which will make Thompson worth owning. He had ten targets in week one. I expect those to fluctuate up and down, he’s a perfect flex play if you’re in any sort of PPR. Spend about 10% of your FAAB on him. He comes with injury concern, but he’ll be worth every penny.

Ronald Jones II (40.7% owned) – I had an article about Rojo in the offseason saying you needed to own him or Barber and hope you nail it on the head. Jones looked good against the 49ers and is clearly the best back out on the field. He had a totaled over 100 yards (75 rushing and 18 receiving) he averaged 5.8 YPC and his one target went for 18 yards. He’ll win out, Arians is a rational coach. Even then, with 14 total touches he already has value in deeper leagues, or if you are desperate at running back (I’m looking at you Melvin Gordon owners). 100% spend a waiver priority on Jones if he is available in your league. As far as FAAB goes, I would be willing to spend 15 – 20 % depending on how badly you need a running back.

Carlos Hyde (39.4% owned) – Oh this is a vanilla pick. He’s not exciting but it’s a committee in Houston. He had 10 carries in regulation and even a target in the passing game. He won’t win you your week, but he’s not going to lose it for you either. Don’t break the bank for Hyde as far as FAAB goes but do try and get him if you’re in need of depth at the running back position.


Andy Dalton (4.2% owned) – We’ll find out if he continues this unreal play without AJ Green. He plays the 49ers next. Their defense looked better than we thought it would be, but Seattle’s defense was pretty good last season and he played well against that. I’m joining the hype train on the red rifle. Despite a match up against the Bills in week 3, he has Pittsburgh and Arizona in weeks 4 and 5. If you’re streaming quarterbacks, I think Dalton can easily get you threw the next few weeks.

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