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Week 14 - Tight Dart Throws

If you made the playoffs, congratulations! If you didn’t, keep playing, spoil the hopes and dreams of those who didn’t make the playoffs and kick them down to the 12th seed even though they we’re 7-6. To do this, you’ll need a good tight end and those are hard to find. Luckily, I have everyone covered with the best dart throws at the position this week. Last week we had Jack Doyle, Gerald Evertt (did not play but Tyler Higbee did the job all the same), and T.J Hockenson who stilled got himself to 8 PPR points. This week, if you grabbed Doyle, send him out again against Tampa, this article isn’t for you. 

Vance McDonald @ Arizona – The free square of tight end streaming. Whoever plays the Cardinals is a lock for a top tight end week. McDonald hasn’t been targeted recently, but the Cardinals, as we’ve seen, have allowed some unreal performances to tight ends with the most recent being Tyler Higbee. Don’t think to hard and fire up McDonald if you can. 

O.J. Howard vs Indianapolis – Howard saw his second highest targets in a game this season against the Jaguars. Indy isn’t the best match up for tight ends, but it is an exploitable hole in their defense if a coach chooses to exploit it. With his usage going up, he becomes the tight end to stream in Tampa and I would be starting him with some confidence this week in the first round of the fantasy playoffs. 

Tyler Eifert @ Cleveland – Cleveland has been relatively good against the tight end position this season; however, they have given up quite a bit of touchdowns to the position. He’s attached to a QB who playing for a job next season and that’s what makes him worth something. He ran 15 routes against the Jets, seeing 1 RZ target. He comes with quite a bit of risk, but the potential upside coming with Eifert makes him worth a look for those desperate for upside in round one of the playoffs. 

T.J. Hockenson @ Minnesota – Hockenson has had nothing but great match ups all season but there has been no capitalization on it. He saw 11 targets against Chicago on thanksgiving and hauled 6 in for 18 yards. He should always spike consideration when you’re in need because he has 7 games with at least 6 PPR points which is really all you need for a streamer. Minnesota has been a fantastic match up for tight ends and I think we can see Hockenson take advantage of that this week, Detroit coaching staff willing. Seeing as it is the Fantasy Playoffs, he is only the 4th option if you need someone to not lose a game for you. 

Jimmy Graham vs Washington – Each week I’ve watched Washington move up the chart of points allowed to the tight end. I feel like Olsen might have done better last week not for getting hurt during the game. Graham is attached to Rodgers who hasn’t been amazing this season, but I still know he has it in him for big games like we saw this recent week. His snap share is down, which sucks and his routes ran also have been declining which makes him the worst streaming option. If you wanted to start a Dallas Goedert over him you aren’t crazy but Graham deserves consideration simply for the match up.

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