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Week 11 - Waiver Wire Grabs

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Well here we are at week 11, and things are heating up in fantasy leagues. Wins and losses are becoming more important as we transition into the final 3rd of the season. Although this week is yet another boring waiver wire, I will do my best to point out a couple players at each position that can contribute to your squad. One thing that I really start to look at this point in the season is guys that I can stash on my bench specifically for their late season matchups for the fantasy playoffs. When you start looking multiple week ahead you give yourself a huge advantage over your competition... So let's get into it.

Running Back

  1. Brian Hill (ATL): 1% owned, FAAB: 30%

  2. Ito Smith is out for the rest of the season and Devonta Freeman exited Atlanta’s matchup last week with a foot injury. Brian Hill rushed 20 times and grabbed a receiving touchdown. Hill and Kenjon Barner would be the top two backs in the rotation if Freeman is forced to sit this one out. Hill is a talented young back, and if freeman misses any more time, then you have a running back with plenty of volume, and attached to a high scoring offence. It's not easy to find that on the wire, so I'm content with spending a solid amount to get my hands on some RB help.

  3. Derrius Guice (WAS): 38% owned, FAAB: 20%

  4. Now I know that this is kind of scary, but this is exactly the type of sneaky move that give you an advantage in your matchups. Guice just can't stay healthy. Coming out of college he was highly regarded, but just hasn't had a chance to show what he is capable of. This pick really comes down to two things. The first is the schedule during the fantasy playoffs for Guice. Week 14, 15, and 16 Guice will go up against the Packers, Eagles and the Giants. the second is that you can't find talent like Guice on the wire usually.

Wide Receiver

  1. Darius Slayton (NYG): 9% owned, FAAB: 25% Another play for the future here. After a huge game last week, I'm sure a lot of people will have Slayton on their radar, however with the Giants on bye this week, there's a good chance people may not have room on their bench to stash Slayton. Sterling Shepard doesn't look like he's coming back anytime soon, and Golden Tate has some tough matchups out of the slot coming up. Daniel Jones has proved him self to be a capable QB at times, and Slayton has been gaining ground as of late.

  2. Hunter Renfrow (OAK): 10% owned, FAAB:15% It's not always sexy, but help can come from some of the ugliest places. Renfrow is a solid PPR reciever, and has scored touchdowns in two of his last 3 games. It's really nice to have a solid floor play in you flex spot to try and play it safe. Renfrow won't win your league for you, but he can offer you a solid week by week flex play.

  3. Quarterback

  4. Nick Foles (JAC): 19% owned, FAAB: 12% For those of you like me who had rode the Minshew train to it's final stop, Nick Foles could be the exact fix we need. Foles isn't exactly a fantasy darling, but he has put up respectable scores in his past. We didn't really get a chance to see what Foles could do with the weapons in Jacksonville, so there's a lot of unknown here. But it is safe to say that Foles has potential to be a good option at QB. He also has some decent matchups in the fantasy playoffs against Oakland and Atlanta in weeks 15 and 16.

  5. Kyle Allen (CAR): 15% owned, FAAB: 12% Allen has really surprised stepping in for Cam Newton. He has been a matchup based QB most of the season, and he has some pretty sweet ones coming up. He's someone I wouldn't mind having on my roster with another QB, and just play the matchup game between the two of them.

  6. Tight End

  7. Tyler Eifert (CIN): 8% owned, FAAB: 6% To be honest with you tight end is such a crap shoot. If you are outside the top 7 guys your just hoping to plug someone in who will get a touchdown. Eifert has had two good weeks in a row, and I am hoping that his redzone targets might become more of the norm for the rookie QB who just stepped in for the Bengals. Rookie QBs tend to check down a lot to the TE and RB. Hopefully that spells success for Eifert.

Jacob Hollister (SEA) 4% owned, FAAB: 8%

You know, I'm sitting here writing this article during Monday night football, and I had already typed Noah Fant's name here. I was ready to talk about Fant, but Hollister is playing yet another good game. Another touchdown in this game, and a key part of this Russel Wilson lead offence. The Seahawks have had TEs dropping left and right, and Hollister has really stepped up. I think he's proving he can be a weekly option, who should be started regardless of the matchup.


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