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Week 10 - Waiver Wire Grabs

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

So here we are at the “bye-pocalypse” with 6 teams on bye, and although there isn’t any stud to rush to the waiver wire and grab, we still must trudge to the waiver wire and scrounge up what we can. I will be focusing on the players that are less than 50% owned in most leagues that hopefully you can scoop up to take some of the sting out of players on bye or injured. I will also give a FAAB percentage suggestion for those in FAAB leagues.

Wide Receiver

Devante Parker (MIA)

23% owned, FAAB: 10%-18%

I know it’s not very exciting to talk about the Miami Dolphins offence, but Parker has been a solid option at WR. He has posted 55 or more yards and/or a TD in all his matchups this season except for one, and that was against the Patriots. Now that Preston Williams is out for the season that just boosts Parker even more. The fantasy playoff schedule for Parker is sweet (More on that later).

Zach Pascal (IND)

13% owned, FAAB: 5%-8%

This one is simple. With Hilton and Campbell out for the immediate future with injuries, someone has to catch passes. Pascal has been on the rise as of late and has a great matchup this week against Miami. If Brian Hoyer plays in place of the injured Brissett the Colt’s pass catching options take a slight hit, but either way I still expect Pascal to post a solid week. Decent floor and good TD upside Pascal is a good add.


Ryan Tannehill (MIA)

13% Owned, FAAB: 1%-3% Tannehill’s last 3 starts have been serviceable, posting at least 19 points in each of them. I know that Tannehill is literally Mr. average QB, but he has been better than Marcus Mariota. It’s not a super flashy grab, but this matchup against the Chiefs is a good one. Especially because the Chiefs are just not the same team away from home. The possible return of Patrick Mahomes makes Tannehill an even better option, as you can assume the titans will likely need to play catchup and throw the ball often. Tannehill has been completing just under 80% of his passes which is pretty darn good. Occasionally you need a streamable QB from the wire, and Tannehill is as good of an option as most of the guys available out there this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (MIA)

5% Owned, FAAB: 1%-3% Yay it’s time to talk more about the powerhouse Miami Dolphins offence… Said no one ever in the 2019 season. Look sometimes it’s not pretty, but desperate times call for desperate measures. If beard gloriousness was factored into scoring, we all know Fitzmagic would be dominating the competition. But alas that is not the case, so we will have to depend on his ability to play QB in the NFL instead. Not nearly as exciting, but still usable. Fitzpatrick has been what he always has been this year, a gunslinger. That means lots of ups and downs on a play by play basis. The fact remains that Miami is a terrible team and will be playing from behind the vast majority of the time. Fitzpatrick will chuck the ball all over the place, hence gunslinging his way into fantasy value. His upcoming schedule isn’t great, but the real reason to get excited about Fitzpatrick is his fantasy playoff schedule. Weeks 13-16 he plays the Eagles, Jets, Giants, and Bengals. Those are some juicy crunch time matchups.

Running Back

Ronald Jones (TB)

39% owned, FAAB: 25%-50% Bruce Arians came out and said that RoJo earned a larger role in the offence. Since the offseason experts have been trying to predict whether to own Ronald Jones or Peyton Barber. Up until now it’s been ugly, and near impossible to predict. But now that we have a solid performance from RoJo and coach speak to back it up, we can confidently grab Jones. The Tampa Bay Bucs haven’t been winning a lot of games, but they have been putting up insane fantasy numbers. When looking for a running back of the wire you want to look for an RB with a lot of touches and you want him to be attached to a high-powered offence. Jones has both of those aspects going for him. If you’re desperate for RB help go ahead and spend all your remaining FAAB.

Kalen Ballage

9% owned FAAB: 5%-10% Here we are talking about yet another Miami player. I think Ballage is a bad football player, but he now has the starting job on an NFL roster. Look, it’s ugly out there, however sometimes in fantasy we have to start guys that make us want to puke. Be conservative with your bid, because the talent just isn’t there for Ballage. This pickup is solely driven by the workload that Ballage has stumbled into. The one bright spot to hang onto is the late season schedule for Miami that I mentioned earlier.

Tight End

Mike Gesicki (MIA)

3% owned, FAAB: 5%-8% Gesicki had 95 yards in last week, and has 147 yards on 20 targets over the last four games. He is trending in a positive direction. Gesicki is in his second year, and TE usually take a year or two to get into a good rhythm. According to Next Gen Stats Gesicki is fifth amongst tight ends with 9.3 average air yards per target. With plenty of garbage time sure to come for the dolphins, Gesicki is a decent add in a tough tight end landscape.

Noah Fant (DEN)

10% owned, FAAB: 3%-5% I know Fant is on his bye this week, but his targets have gone up since Emanuel Sanders left town. Fant was the first tight end taken in this draft, and for good reason. The young talent has been like a fine wine getting sweeter with time. Now is the time to grab him while he’s not on people’s mind. There is a good chance you can get him for free on his bye.


New York Giants: 4% owned, FAAB: 1%

Indianapolis Colts: 38% owned, FAAB: 1%

Baltimore Ravens: 34% owned, FAAB: 1%

New Orleans Saints (Might have been dropped due to last week’s bye)

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