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Top 5 Rookies Who Could See Big Breakouts in 2019

For a rookie, sometimes they just have to wait for the right moment to breakout early. For example, Evan Engram in 2017 broke out because he was stuck in a situation being the only person to catch passes from Eli Manning. What he did in 2018 doesn’t matter, we’re a redraft site here, and all we care about is 2019. The criteria for this article is top five rookies who could breakout in a big way, if the stars line up just right (in no order).

1. David Montgomery – Jordan Howard left 250 carries on the table when he was traded away to Phili. Matt Nagy runs an offense hard for fantasy players to predict, but a running back who can average 15 carries a game is one worth drafting. Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen are there as well but if they stick to what we saw last year it might only be Cohen and Montgomery with Davis as a back up (despite them paying him that money). The fifth-round price tag on Montgomery seems rather steep, but if you’re in the fifth round in need of a running back he comes with the highest upside (next to Tarik Cohen going next to him).

2. Noah Fant – Rookie tight ends don’t often break out, but when they do (see Evan Engram 2017) its because their team has no one else. As far as Denver goes, Desean Hamilton is good, and Cortland Sutton had plenty of opportunity last season and couldn’t make work of it. I don’t project an instant breakout, but I think it could happen. The big word right now is that Flacco loves his tight ends, in theory he does but thanks to FF Big Cats research (@ffbigcat on twitter), he does use it overall, just not as much as we think. The screen cap for the tweet will be below because here, we credit our sources. Fant could still find himself as the best in Denver if a few players around him go down making his breakout more likely.

3. Josh Jacobs – I hate Josh Jacobs in Oakland, and he will end up on my rookies in the worst landing spots as well. What I hate for Jacobs, is his HC Gruden and his OC Olsen. However, with no film on him he is primed to have some relevance his rookie year. With a first-round pick spent on him, he’ll get the carriers. Jalen Richard will most likely keep his role of 10 PPR points per week, but Jacobs give the Raiders a running back with fresh legs on first and second down. The third-round price tag is rather steep for my liking, but if you want a high ceiling this is the guy to draft.

4. Bryce Love – For one reason and one reason alone, we still do not know the full status of Guice. It’s a light version of the current Todd Gurley rumors. We have no idea if Guice will be ready to start the season, or if Adrian Peterson will be able to do what he did last year. If both happen, it’s Bryce Love’s backfield, plus Thompson for the three games he’ll be healthy for. With a rookie quarterback under center, I could see the Washington Rs focusing a bit more on the run, and if he can get 15+ carries a game Bryce Love is going to be worth his undrafted price tag. This will most likely change if any more news about Guice comes out so keep yourself posted. He was dealing with his own injuries when he was drafted, but he’s still a fresh set of legs and probably the healthiest of the two younger running backs.

5. Mecole Hardman – Until we know what is going on with Hill, you need to find a way to draft him. I understand all the Sammy Watkins hype for the Chiefs, but I don’t see him staying healthy. Kelce is still their limiting the ceiling of Hardman, but how limited is that really? Most expect Mahomes to regress, but even if he throws for three touchdowns a game Hardman could find himself getting 1 more often than we think. His breakout is all dependent on Hill and Watkins not being around. With a coach like Andy Reid, I don’t think you’ll have to wait for a bye week for him to sprout. Grab him if you can at the tenth-round price tag.

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