• Brian Wentworth II

Tight Ends Must Go

Now calm down, I’m not saying we should completely remove Tight Ends all together. Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and George Kittle still exist. However, it is time to do away with every team in fantasy football starting a TE when outside of the top 3 (4 if you include Eric Ebron and his red zone ability), it’s a dice role. We need to take the Tight End position, and the Wide Receiver and combine them to another WR/TE position.

If the top 3 TEs were all in the same positions as WRs for Fantasy, Kelce would be the WR8, Ertz the WR10, and Kittle the WR16 on a total fantasy points per season. Eric Ebron finds himself at the WR20.

Now we’ve seen guys like Jared Cook and Austin Hooper have big games against teams weak to tight ends, and we’ve also seen slot receivers have big games against teams weak to the slot. Why would we treat them any different? They are both pass catching positions, and in a fantasy world where the tight end position is a wasteland, its time to create more strategy, and less busts in your line up.

In week 6, Austin Hooper finished as the TE1, posting 22.1 PPR points, against a Tampa Bay team that was extremely week to any pass catcher on an apposing offense. Starting Hooper could still have been viable as a streaming of a ‘WR’ as he would have finished as the WR14, a high end WR2. Along with other players this could have been a week winner, but you would not have had to have started Hooper if you had the right receivers on your roster instead.

With guys like Kelce, Ertz, Kittle still viable for fantasy teams, and more Wide Receivers on waiver wires than usually imaginable, it allows more room for fantasy players to move on from the tight end position in fantasy football.

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