• Brian Wentworth II

There is Value in Jacksonville

The Jaguars are going to throw the ball. They didn’t spend all that money on Nick Foles to not. John DeFillipo had the Vikings throwing for the most passing attempts under Mike Zimmer as the head coach. This means there is value to be had in Jacksonville. Which of the two, Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook is the guy to own though? The truth is I think both, for their ADP is worth drafting this season.

Dede Westbrook has a 10th round price tag currently. When Foles took over in filly, Agholor got targets back, although he was inconsistent with them in the first place. However, Adam Theilein under DeFillipo was getting double digit targets in the slot. If JD (I’m just going to call him this from now on because I always feel like I type his name wrong) does what I think he’ll do with Foles, I imagine Westbrook will get his double digit targets per game, and he can handle it.

As far as Keelan Cole goes, we all know Foles isn’t afraid to take shots down field. . . or so we think. I found an article (here), Foles targeted Jeffery less on average down filed than Wentz did. What made Jeffery have a resurgence with Foles, is he seemed to Target Jeffery more consistently in the three weeks they got to play together. 8, 5 and 5, and Jeffery capitalized on them. Diggs on the outside under JD was inconsistent with the targets, but often had double digit targets.

This all comes down to if Nick Foles continues to take chances in the passing game, and JD does what he did with the Vikings. If this is true, then there is value to be had with both receivers on the Jags offense. Westbrook is going in the 10th, and Cole is undrafted. . . that is almost no cost, with nothing but upside. I can’t even tell you to grab one over the other because I think both are worth grabbing and grab whichever one you can. I think the Jaguars will be better than most think, and that constitutes value for Westbrook and Cole.

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