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The Potential for Bell

Le’Veon Bell probably ruined your fantasy season, as someone who had almost 70% share in him in all Best Ball drafts, believe me I feel you. This is the fun part of the season where we discuss his potential landing spots and what that means for his future fantasy value. With the Jets and Colts rumored to be favored in the race for Bell, we’ll explore what I think are his top 5 potential landing spots based on cap value and need for a team. In no order, lets discuss:

1. Kansas City Chiefs, HC Andy Reid

Now this is Bell’s best-case scenario in my opinion. We have not heard any rumors from KC being interested in the former Steeler, but they do have a QB on a rookie deal, and Andy Reid has always been a fan of using high quality 3 Down work horse running backs, who have all averaged being an RB1. The contract extension for Damien Williams does not make this seem likely, but if Bell could go in and post Kareem Hunt like numbers with Mahomes he would be worth any draft capital he costs in 2019 drafts.

2. Indianapolis Colts, HC Frank Reich

This would the third-best scenario I could think of. Bell has shown an interest in the team’s offensive line via Instagram. We have seen this season a split role between Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines. We also haven’t seen enough of Reich as a coach to know if he would use a work horse. He comes from Doug Pederson’s offense which is stuck using a committee, so my hope for Reich to use Bell as the 3 down back he is does not seem likely. The Colts do have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL which would fit very well with Bell’s patient run style. If Bell ends up in Indy, I would say he is worth every bit of draft capital but comes with some high risk to falling into a committee.

3. New York Jets, HC Adam Gase

I had an entire section written up here assuming Mike McCarthy would be the head coach of the New York Jets. It got worse. Adam Gase will be the HC for the Jets. This is the same Adam Gase who had Kenyan Drake and chose not to use him use him as a workhorse, but rather in a time share with the ancient Frank Gore. I do not imagine Gase in the pursuit of Bell as he may be more focused trading the talent on the Jets and trying to find new talent in the draft like he did in Miami. If Bell ends up on the Jets I do not imagine worth any draft capital and could be a middle of the road RB3.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, HC Bruce Arians

This would be awesome; the Bucs do not have the best offensive line which might affect Bell’s ‘patient’ run style. We do however have a history of Arians in Arizona getting the absolute best of his work horse running back (David Johnson). David Johnson’s breakout year had him going over 2000 total yards (1239 rushing) and 20 total touchdowns (16 rushing and 4 receiving). Bell may not post these exact numbers but anywhere close would make him worth any sort of draft capital but with risk do to a poor offensive line.

5. Houston Texans, HC Bill O’Brien

This wouldn’t be the best, but it wouldn’t be the worse either. The Texans have QB on a rookie deal, with a very good defense. Getting a guy like Bell to complement Watson in both the run and passing game would be nice to see. The Texans do not have a very good offensive line however which might affect Bell’s run style. If Bell is in Houston, I’d consider him a low end RB1, high end RB2 and worth draft capital from the late second round and down.

Honorable Mentions: Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Miami Dolphins.

The Raiders have the cap and need some sort of a spark in the run game, Phili had interest in Bell prior to the NFL trade deadline, and Miami loves overpaying big name free agents. I do not for see much from Bell in any of these situations and I’ll happily do a second article on it if enough people have questions about this.

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