• Brian Wentworth II

The More Worried We Get, the Better Value Gurley Gets

I’m just as worried about Todd Gurley as the next guy, though, he might be the greatest draft pick you make this season. His ADP has fallen to the 1.10 according to ADP Calculator. He drops more every week, and I’m just speculating but he could end up in the third round.

Let’s start with why his ADP is dipping. His knee is worrisome. He has arthritis and is currently under stem cell treatment. The Rams traded up almost 20 picks to draft a running back in the third round. A team in need of line backers, and offensive lineman of the future they went with a running back. They also matched Malcom Browns offer sheet. This can be one of two things, the Rams wanted the best Gurley insurance in case they get a repeat of last season, or there is more in play here and we might see a committee.

Why should you still consider drafting him? If he falls in to the second round, your team could be Davante Adams and Todd Gurley, or James Conner and Todd Gurley, or Joe Mixon and Todd Gurley. This just seems unfair. Todd Gurley is just one year removed from being the number one running back in football, and last season he was until his injury. If Todd Gurley slips into the second round he is a steal if fully healthy. If you can live with passing on him and watching him play lights out than so be it. I think this is the best gamble to take this season, just make sure to grab a handcuff to be safe (the only time I will suggest this).

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