• Brian Wentworth II

The Future Is Now, Old Man

We could talk for hours about the value of Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, OJ Howard, and Cameron Brate in Tampa Bay this coming NFL Season. A lot of people will be talking about that though. I’m going to break down the other side of Brady’s exit, New England’s young wide receiving duo, and the young king himself Jared Stidham.

As of this current moment, the New England Patriots are sticking with Jared Stidham at Quarterback. Stidham showed flashes in the preseason, but the only bit of him we saw in the regular season was a pick 6 to Jamal Adams against the NY Jets in week 3. I am not one to try and break down film, but when I watched his college tape, he wasn’t the worst. Stidham can throw the ball deep but struggled a bit with accuracy. The Patriots will role with Stidham as the starter most likely, and I think he is super undervalued going into the 2020 season. He is likely to be no more than a streamer, but I believe he will be competent and bring value to Jakobi Meyers and N’Keal Harry as nice flex plays.

Jakobi Meyers had a massive amount of hype in the preseason, with his good performance and the rumblings from Patriots training camp. Although he played against a lot of back up defenses, Jared Stidham was attached to Meyers during this preseason hype. To find a reference point, I tried to look up Meyers’ current dynasty ADP, Dynasty Rankings etc. and he isn’t even ranked currently. He is likely dirt cheap, and I would make moves towards him if you can.

N’Keal Harry was the consensus 1.01 in Rookie Drafts last year because of his landing spot. . . and that aged fucking poorly. Harry was highly disappointing as far as his contributions to the Patriots went, he was injured half the season and couldn’t get up to speed with Brady. He had 2 receiving touchdowns, and very little contributions outside of that. With Stidham taking over though, I’d imagine we see the Patriots allow the ball to be aired out more. Harry still has separation issues that he needs to fix, but his ceiling is the Patriots future WR1 after Edelman’s inevitable departure. A potential trade could be Alshon Jeffery for N’Keal Harry, or even moving Julian Edelman for him right now.

The value in this young Patriots group is minimal, but I think it’s there. There is more moves to come with he draft and free agency, but for now if you can buy this players at cheap pricing, the benefit could be enormous.

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