• Brian Wentworth II

Risk/Reward - Tyler Higbee

There is very little risk in drafting a player in the 12th round, especially when that player is a tight end. The potential upside always outweighs the cost, and if not,you drop them with 0 regret. Over a four week stretch in 2019 (Weeks 13-16) Tyler Higbee became a tight end to watch with 4 consecutive TE1 weeks. He scored a minimum of 18 PPR Points over this span and saw an average of 11 targets a game and 2 RZ targets per game.  

RISK: The Rams offense was ‘bleh’ to say the least to start the season. Truthfully, I believe it was the hangover of losing the Super Bowl. The question comes down to if the Rams bounce back. Prior to W16, Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee each had only ONE TE1 week each while they both shared the field. Prior to W12 @ Baltimore, Everett had seen more games with the higher snap share. With Everett still on the roster, he will remain a problem. 

REWARD: He was the Rams’ top gradedplayer (per Pro Football Focus). If the Rams ride the hot hand from last season into 2020 you have yourself a locked in TE1. If you stretch Higbee’s 4 game stretch into a 16-game season he would have led the NFL in targets, and fantasy points at the position. Higbee gets to play Seattle and Arizona twice each, both teams bottom 5 against the position in 2019 making his schedule look enticing. I currently have Higbee at TE13, just outside TE1 range and likely to move up. He is worth a risk free 12th round pick with the upside of a league winning year.

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