• Brian Wentworth II

Oh Boyd! I'm Excited

I wasn’t super excited about Tyler Boyd coming into this season, but by request I did some research to talk about him and my mind has changed. To start, he’s going in the 6th round, around some players I would say are either: not draft able, or busts for their ADP.

The Problem:

With AJ Green out of the line up he did not perform well on a weekly basis as he was prior. However, he did have two decent games, a good game and an exceptional game. He’s not some game breaking wide receiver one, but he benefits from AJ Green being on the field and if AJ Green is healthy, Boyd is worth every penny.

The Mystery:

Zac Taylor being has never been a head coach, he’s only been a QB coach, and OC/QB Coach, or a WR Coach. He did just spend a few years under Sean McVay though, which is what got me more excited about Tyler Boyd. I don’t think we will see the Bengals recreate the Rams high powered potent offense with 3 WR1s and an RB1 and a QB1, not with Andy Dalton. We could see two great wide receivers, and a good running back and a better than average Andy Dalton. That’s enough for me.

The Positive:

You’ll be drafting a guy coming off a 1000-yard season in 15 games, he was 25th in the NFL in target share amongst wide receivers according to Andy Dalton targets aren’t as valuable as Aaron Rodgers targets, but a number two wide receiver on an NFL team getting that share is worth investing in. He’s being taken as the WR27, a high end WR3. Boyd could finish as a high-end WR3 or even a low end WR2. The sixth-round cost is a big price to pay, but Tyler Boyd is going exactly where he should be, and I think he is a player worth drafting.

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