• Brian Wentworth II

Monday Night Football is Saved, but Witten has Zero Value to Me

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Jason Witten sucked at Monday Night Football. His way out? Rejoining the Cowboys. I’ve waited to discuss this because honestly there is not much to say. Insiders to the NFL have speculated that the Cowboys are going to give him a bridge year to eventually join the coaching staff. I hope this is true, because he is not going to be good even with a rest year.

Witten had a good final season in 2017 and was a viable streaming candidate at the Tight End position. He is 36 years old and retired for a reason. With Amari Cooper and Zeke there, the young talent of Michael Gallup who showed flashes, and the young tight ends who showed flashes (mainly Blake Jarwin in week 17 of the 2018 season), I do not project Witten to do much.

A lot of people bought into the name of Antonio Gates this season, and he only had one viable fantasy week. As far as the age goes, stay away from Jason Witten, and hope that Dallas doesn’t try and get him too involved. In the mean time though, let us all be happy that Monday Night Football might be watchable with sound again!

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