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Love It or List It - Post Draft RB Edition

I’m not going to give teams draft grades, the only people who should give teams a grade are the teams themselves. They know what they needed and wanted and if they got it or not. I am however, going to do a fun segment like the HGTV show and I’m going to decide who I love and who I don’t after the 2019 NFL Draft.

Sony Michel – List it. The Pats are going to run the ball like crazy, but they added another mouth to feed and they did it with high draft capital too. Instead of filling other holes they grabbed a bruiser out of Alabama in Damien Harris. There is now four mouths too feed: Michel, White, Burkhead, and Harris. They’ll feed them all too, it’s the Patriots for crying out loud.

Dalvin Cook – Love it. Despite Minnesota drafting an RB in the third round, I’m still a fan of Dalvin Cook. It’s only a two-way split backfield and it makes sense to me that they would add another guy. Cook hasn’t had a season without an injury, meaning he needs someone to take some of the workload. I’m still a fan of Cook going forward into this season.

Christian McCaffery – Love it. They drafted a player in the fifth round, Jordan Scarlett out of Florida. A fifth-round pick isn’t enough investment (in my own opinion) for Turner to have to start running a split backfield. I imagine McCaffery is still the guy going forward and I will comfortably be moving him up in my rankings now.

Mike Davis – List it. The hype was fun while it lasted. Either one of two things will happen now. This is either David Montgomery’s backfield, or we’re going to see a nice three headed monster that’ll be very hard to predict. Either way, this kills any value for Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen moving forward.

Ronald Jones – Love it. They drafted no one. The Bucs have too much investment in Rojo to give up on him right now. He was a second-round pick last year and should be given a chance to prove himself. If not, Barber is the guy and maybe we see a move next season by the Bucs to get someone new.

Derrius Guice – List it. He’s had infections from his surgery, and they Skins drafted Bryce Love. If Guice misses a lot of time, I’d imagine Love wins out and gets the starting job and we may never see Guice shine with Washington.

Todd Gurley – List it. I’m sad, watching the Rams trade up 20ish spots to grab Darrell Henderson means one of two things:

1. Todd Gurley is not fine, and this is his foreseeable replacement.

2. Todd Gurley is still fine, but the Rams want the best insurance they can possibly find for him.

I’ll let you decide how you feel about this pick I am personally worried and will move Todd Gurley in my rankings to reflect that.

Jordan Howard – List it. I got off the hype a day after the trade. The Eagles love a committee and I imagine this will just add more mouths to feed or write Howard out all together from the equation. Miles Sanders was drafted too high for Philly to not give him a bulk of the workload, or all of it for that matter.

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