• Brian Wentworth II

Let's Pause the Cleveland Backfield Until Further Notice

Truth be told, my excitement for the Brown’s is almost dead. Nick and Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr. were going to be very exciting players to have on my roster this year anywhere I could get them. Kareem Hunt’s suspension will be at minimum 6 games, at max 10, and he could be suspended for less due to some weird rule that he served his suspension as a FA after he was cut? I do not know the truth to this but let’s break down the value of Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson Jr.

Chubb is currently 2.03, while Johnson is the 7.10. Spending a second-round pick on Nick Chubb seems fine because you could trade him before Hunt comes back from his suspension. The problem with this? Your league mates will know that Hunt is coming back from his suspension and will not pay your asking price due to a potential complicated back field situation. Johnson at 7.10 was probably going to be the best RB to grab out of the 7th round, now he joins company of a whole list of players I’m not interested in. Hand cuff after hand cuff, who are best to picked up off waivers. Johnson could probably have some return if you looked to trade just for the draft capital you spent, but it is not worth it.

The Browns could trade any one of these three running backs, or even cut Kareem Hunt for 0 dead cap. Until a move like this happens though I would highly advise staying away them in mock drafts, and in August your actual drafts.

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