• Joshua Buttrick

Let's Get to the Playoffs

Ladies and gentleman, the time for fantasy football playoffs is just around the corner. For a lot of you, your playoffs start next week, and you want to make sure that your roster is equipped to get you through the crazy storm that is fantasy playoffs. Now I just started writing these articles, and usually I give you guys the best wire pickups, and FAAB percentage suggestions, but this article is going to be slightly different. This article is going to focus on the moves you should make right now for the sake of your team's playoff success. I'm not going to bother with FAAB suggestions, because at this point it is so team dependent. If you really need a RB, go get that RB for whatever remaining FAAB you have. There's no extra credit for saving your FAAB, you might as well spend it while you still can. So rather than giving you guys a list of people to go grab, I'm going to offer my best fantasy playoff advice.

My first tip is to take a look at what your opponents have left for FAAB or what their waiver priority is, and what their teams' biggest needs are. Use that intel to make savvy decisions to benefit yourself and potentially hamstring your opposition. The main rule here is to help yourself first, but if you can simultaneously hurt the opposition, then absolutely go for it. It might take some time, but looking ahead and making these type of moves can really give you an edge.

On to type number two. Every year there are really good players on really good football teams that crush it for you all year long, and then end up sitting or playing reduced snaps. Teams that have a good record are very likely to rest their stars in the final weeks, especially if they don't have anything to play for. this can also happen on really bad teams that have young rookies they want to give a shot. It's not always predictable, but more often than not you can see these rest days coming and you should prepare for them. Lamar Jackson is a really good example. He has been a fantasy stud for all those who have had them on their roster, but if Baltimore wins their next 2 or 3 games, there is a high chance we see a whole lot of RGIII to give the young star some rest. Rather than play the victim card, see this coming and prepare for it.

This third one is hard to focus on, but definitely can be the difference between 1st and 2nd place. PAY ATTENTION TO DST AND KICKERS. I know it's weird. We spend all draft season and regular season saying things like: "Who cares, grab a streamer" "Defense is so volatile, hard to predict", and "Ban Kickers!". However, the fantasy playoffs is the one time of the year that you NEED to look at the match ups and make sure you are choosing the best streaming option you can. It's okay to have 2 defenses on your roster, so you can choose the best match up. Look for bad weather games, those tend to vastly favor the defense. On the kicking side look for good weather, average offence, and good match ups where teams will be close. If it's a blowout and you have the kicker that's getting blown out, he's probably not going to get too many opportunities

Number four is to try and stack with your opponent. This can be really difficult sometimes, but very useful. Let's say you are matched up with the Rodgers owner. Obviously Davante Adams is out of the question, but if Rodgers has a big day someone else is catching passes too. If you equip yourself with your opponents targets, or their QB that's distributing the ball to their targets you are playing chess while league mates are playing checkers. Obviously you don't want to go too crazy. You still start your studs, but maybe in your flex, TE, or Streaming QB spot you stack with your match up.

My last piece of advice is to be fearless. Don't be afraid to slot a guy like Mecole Hardman into your flex spot. 1-3 targets is enough for that guy to go off, and he could really see an increase in targets in the upcoming weeks. I don't want to contradict myself here, but this advice is two fold. be fearless with guys like hard man that have huge upside and have done it this season, but also remember the players that got you into the playoffs in the first place. Play it safe with your core, but swing for the fences where you can.

For those of you on the outside looking in it's not time to mail it in. This is the time to try and steal some wins, and stash guys so the other winning teams can't have them. You fight until the end!!

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