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Let's Break Down the Rams WR Trio

What the Rams did last season was great for fantasy, if you hate tight ends (like your boy here). We had three amazing wide receivers for fantasy, and up until he was hurt, a great running back. Last year the price you paid for Kupp and Woods were exceptional value for what you got back. This year though, the three are all have roughly the same ADP. This raises the question on which WR is the ‘best value’ and if the Rams will repeat that top 4 offense they had.

Cooper Kupp – At one point he was the WR2 overall in fantasy. This could be in part to his great consistency for the first three weeks, followed by an exceptional performance against Minnesota. Kupp blew his ACL in week 10 against the Seattle Seahawks, as well as hurt his MCL against the Broncos in week 6. Kupp was amazing for fantasy though, however we still don’t have the timeline on his return. This raises problem with his ADP, he’s currently going at the 4.11, and you might not get him for the first few weeks of the season. That’s a high price tag to pay, even if he was fourth in fantasy points for target amongst wide receivers. Drafting any player who you must hold onto that high in a draft is a big ticket and doesn’t help you win immediately.

Brandin Cooks – A high fourth round pick is a high ticket to pay for a guy who’s died twice. Jokes aside, Cooks is great. He’s had 1000 receiving no matter who his Quarterback has been. Despite a few concussions in the past few years, he typically has been healthy. He averaged 13 yards per target and made most of his money off receiving yards with only two games under 50 (Chicago, and Arizona week 16). His target share is consistent as he saw 5-9 most games and still performed in games with a lesser workload. Cooks isn’t the red zone guy though, that’s Woods and Gurley (or whoever is the running back this season) on the goal line. I think he is worth the price tag of fourth round, because you’re getting a guy who finished as the wide receiver 16 but could finish higher.

Robert Woods – The best wide receiver according to Troy Aikmin and Joe Buck. He’s being drafted after Brandin Cooks as the WR17 off the board at the 4.07. I’m just going to say; this is my best value pick. I do not think he will finish as the WR9 again. However, it is still likely he finishes as a WR1 again. I thought Kupps injury played a big part in Woods’ breakout, but he kept the same targets, the same work he did prior to Kupp going down. Woods was overall just good and consistent for fantasy, only having one game below WR3 territory and only three as a WR3. In games where he didn’t boom in your line up, he averaged about 14 points a game. This won’t excite you, but you’ll know week in and week out that you have a consistent floor of 14 points in your line up to build around. If Woods did get 14 points per game, over a 16-game season he would finish as the WR13 by 2018 standards, just outside WR1 territory.

Now the question comes, can the Rams make that high-powered magic happen again. Most teams who lose the Super Bowl in recent years have had struggles, even the 2018 Patriots despite being the champions struggled after their loss in 2017. The Rams, like the 2018 Pats have one thing that helps them that the 2016 Falcons didn’t, they kept their offensive mind. As long as Sean McVay is the head coach of the Rams, they always are a contender to be a top 5 offense in the league and that alone makes them worth investing in. Besides Cooper Kupp, you’re getting players who you can place in your line up week one that will help you win immediately.

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