• Brian Wentworth II

It's Not Always Sony for Your Fantasy Team

Sony Michel was a bit of a headache for his owners, as the New England backfield has been for years. The issues that comes with Sony Michel are: James Devlin, Rex Burkhead and James White. The Patriots have a long history with RBBC and changing things up in their offense to throw other teams off. It’s a great strategy for the NFL . . . but not for fantasy owners. Sony Michel has upside being attached to a top five scoring offense though, and that is why he’s the headache.

In 2018 he had 209 carries despite missing three games (14th in the NFL), 931 total rushing yards (15th in the NFL), 10 goal line carries (9th in the NFL), and is on the team that ran the ball the 3rd most in the NFL. If you watched the playoffs though, you would have seen Michel’s usage. In three games he went 71/336/6, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. During the regular season he has 3rd best game script in his favor. The usage will be there like it was in the playoffs. He had 7 games outside of RB2 range, but the six games he popped off for were more than enough to win you a week.

Currently, I have Michel ranked RB14 (high end RB2) and he’s currently being drafted in the third round as the RB14 so you should get exactly what you pay for. I find Michel as one of those players that depends on your roster construction, if you have a guaranteed top six running back from the first round, it is 100% worth grabbing Michel as he comes with the potential upside of an RB1 every week. Sony Michel isn’t always going to win you your weeks, but when he does, he’ll be worth it, and I think he’ll be a fine RB2 fit for any team looking for that in the third round.

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