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It Is Not Looking Good for Antonio Brown

Adam Schefter and Ian Rapport have both tweeted about potential landing spots, and teams interested in trading for Antonio Brown. There is one team that remains constant between these two tweets, and 4 others. Today, I’m going to break down the 5 teams very quick and let’s be real, it doesn’t look good.

Washington Redskins: Rumor is currently that Colt McCoy will be the starter for the 2019 season. I guess maybe Josh Rosen or Ryan Tannehill might end up there? Tannehill is the best of the three and I’m not that excited for that either. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m not going to try and project AB’s stats or go over when he’s a value. “But Brian every player is draftable at the right value!” Nope. I’m sorry no, not in 2019 Antonio Brown will not be on my roster, second round, third round, no. Stay away at all costs. If anything changes at the QB position maybe, we can have a talk.

Oakland Raiders: I guess this could be his second-best landing spot of the five? Derek Carr is a competent QB, but Gruden is not a competent HC, and his OC Greg Olsen has never had an offense rank in the top 15. Remember how stressful owning Amari Cooper was while he was in Oakland? I imagine we see a situation like that. If AB falls to the third round, I would say he’s considerable. Plus the rumors are that Carr might be traded from Oakland, which puts AB with either a rookie, or maybe Nathan Peterman? Just stay away.

Tennessee Titans: I like Corey Davis, I think this helps Corey Davis. We have seen Marcus Mariota struggle with injuries, and accuracy though. Can you guess what I’m going to say about this landing spot? You guessed it: stay away.

Denver Broncos: This is my favorite of the teams. The new OC is from the 49ers staff, and Joe Flacco could still have that deep ball left somewhere in him. A second-round pick in 2019 drafts isn’t awful for AB, but I would try to see if he’ll fall to the third round and then grab him, and sooner than the third though do not waste your time.

Arizona Cardinals: It’s either going to be Kyler Murray or Josh Rosen under center. Rosen still has some growing pains to go through, and Murray will be a rookie, so there will be growing pains, mistakes. Plus, a diva like AB will stunt the growth of whichever young QB is there, I’d just stay away as a whole and look to a different team for your WR1.

I was hoping AB would go to a team with good offensive minds and a good QB, but I guess we aren’t that lucky. As far as AB in 2019 goes, just draft someone else.

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