• Brian Wentworth II

Is DeFilippo a Good Fit for Fournette?

John DeFilippo is a good offensive mind, and I know he can help the Jaguars get back on track (especially if they try and make a play for Nick Foles). With this being said; I am worried about Leonard Fournette. Fournette has always been a 20+ touch running back, and he post his best fantasy weeks when he has those 20+ touches (like most running backs would). In his career, Fournette has only had 3 games with less than 20 fantasy points when he receives 20+ touches, and only one game over 20 fantasy points when he received less than 20 touches.

Okay, so why am I worried? John DeFilippo was fired from the Minnesota coaching staff because Mike Zimmer wanted to run the football more. Under DeFilippo a Vikings running back only posted more than 20 touches once, Latavius Murray against the Arizona Cardinals in week 6. He changed the Vikings team from a 457 pass attempts, to 606 pass attempts in the difference of a year. DeFilippo is from the Doug Pederson couching staff that runs RBBC, as we’ve seen year after year from Philly.

I’m not doubting the talent of Leonard Fournette, and if he’s the last running back available at the end of the third round then he is a value. He’s currently being drafted at the 3.03, and I imagine he sneaks up into the second round within the next few months. Currently being drafted near Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, and TY Hilton - all better uses of your third round draft capital if you can spend it on them. Fournette is injury prone, and he’s playing for a new offensive coordinator who doesn’t seem to be a fan of running the ball. If you’re out to prove me wrong go ahead and draft him, but there comes a lot of risk with new couching and I do not think this is a hire that will pay off in Fournette’s favor.

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