• Brian Wentworth II

I've Changed My Mind on Njoku

Remember when I said I was in on David Njoku for the 2019 season? Well I’m officially out, sort of. Now that Odell Beckham Jr. is in Cleveland, I can’t say they’ll have to use him. They didn’t give up a first-round pick and take on that contract to not use Odell as the center piece to their offense. Here is what we know about Njoku and how he was used after Freddie Kitchens took over.

-2 Games with over 15 fantasy points, both against the Cincinnati Bengals who gave up the 4th most points to the tight end position in 2018.

-Games against the defenses ranked in the top ten worst against tight ends, Njoku didn’t eclipse more than 9.8 PPR fantasy points. (KC, Carolina, Denver, and Houston)

My worry for Njoku will be his usage, Freddie Kitchens is from the Bruce Arians system in which we have not seen a tight end succeed like we are hoping Njoku will. He had 89 targets on the season with only 36 coming once Kitchens took over as offensive coordinator. That averages out to only 4.5 a game. Against the Chiefs who were the worst team at defending tight ends, Njoku only saw 1 single target.

Njoku will have usage, him and Baker have a rapport, and Kitchens did use Njoku in his offense against the Bengals, which means we can hopefully trust Njoku against teams weak against tight ends. This puts him in streaming range. He does play the Steelers twice, Bengals twice, and will play the Rams and the Broncos, all teams in the top 10 weak against the position.

You must be aware you are not drafting an every week starter. He will still find himself in the crappy, hard to predict tight end landscape. I have him ranked as the TE6, and he's being drafted in the 7th round as the TE8, so you will get some value in return. Buyer beware though, as Odell will be taking over Cleveland as the primary target, despite our hopes for Njoku.

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