• Brian Wentworth II

I’m Joining the Hype Now

When I found out a lot of people were hyped up on Kerryon Johnson, my first question was why? His head coach seems to hate him, and Kerryon himself seemed to have been brainwashed by the dwarf himself by saying “I belong in a committee”. With Patricia being the defensive mind in Detroit, Darrell Bevell (the genius who handed the Patriots SB49 so big thank you still to him) should be the offensive mind in Detroit and hopefully the unit himself (Patricia) doesn’t get in the way.

When talent is on the roster, Bevell uses a workhorse. He was the offensive coordinator when Adrian Pederson won his MVP. He was also in Seattle and used Beast Mode as the focal point of the Seahawks team. He’s going to run the ball; his history shows very high finishes in total rushing offense (see ProFootballRefrence). One of the two following scenarios will take place:

1. Kerryon is the guy: If this happens, he will way outperform his 4th round ADP and is certainly worth the pick anywhere you can grab him.

2. Kerryon and CJ Anderson split carries: We’re still looking at upward to 500 carries in Detroit’s backfield. Bevell has a history of 450 to almost 600 carries in his backfields which means Kerryon will still get the work. Hell, that means CJ Anderson has some sneaky value in there too, but we can talk about that another day.

The point is Kerryon is 100% worth the price tag. Josh Jacobs, or Kerryon? I’ll take Kerryon. Devonta Freeman, or Kerryon? I’ll take Kerryon. Bevell is a running OC, whether it’s a committee or a workhorse I think Kerryon Joshnson holds value. He averaged 5.4 YPC in 2018, which means if he gets at least 200 attempts, we’re looking at a 1000+ yard season.

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