• Brian Wentworth II

I'm All In On Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook was held back last season by injuries and John DeFilippo. Despite this though he was still an animal in the later half of the season and could have won you your league if you bought him at a low price.

After the week 14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Vikings changed offensive coordinators because they wanted to run the ball. With Latavius Murrays departure though, who will be taking the other half of the opportunities? Ameer Abdullah? No, Dalvin Cook fully healthy can be a work horse, he has the ability in the catching game, and can make a lot happen on the ground. The craziest part is that he is currently a second-round pick in current mocks. In eleven games he had 49 targets which was still 21st in the NFL amongst running backs, and on those targets, he had 40 receptions which is 19th in NFL amongst running backs. Unless Minnesota drafts a guy to take on some of the workload, he is the guy.

Cook has two red flags. In the NFL you’re injury prone until you’re not. Currently, Dalvin Cook is injury prone. ACL tear his rookie year, and hamstring issues his sophomore comeback. This does mean drafting him comes with some risk. In the second round though, you’re not losing out as much if he goes down, and you’re getting a league winner at a massive discount. He plays Detroit twice and Chicago once (week 17 doesn’t count deal with it) and has a match up against Dallas this season. Chicago was the worst match up for running backs in 2018, and Detroit became one after they acquired Snack Harrison. With four already tough games, I have Dalvin Cook currently at RB9, this is what I expect if he can play a full 15-16 games this season.

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