• Brian Wentworth II

Give Me All of Tampa Bay

I’m all in on Tampa Bay this year, and it’s all thanks to one guy, Bruce Arians. Most often when new coaching changes happen, we don’t have a history of the new coach to look at except for their time as an OC/DC. Bruce Arians however, we have his long history as an OC, and HC. Whoever his running back is this season, that’s the guy you want on your team, and that’s going to be your league winner this season.

Willie Parker, Rashard Mendenhall, Vick Ballard, and David Johnson have all seen success under Arians. While under him, each running back was used as a workhorse. We have only three years in which Arians did not use a work horse, ’13,’14,’15. We could see this happen again though, as his options are Peyton Barber, and Ronald Jones.

One of three things will happen:

1. We can see a RBBC, which will be stressful and annoying, but 2 back committees aren’t the worst thing in the world. At the very least, you’ll have a flex player to plug in an out at as you need them.

2. It’ll be the Rojo show. The franchise has a 2nd round pick invested in him, so I can see them using him more than Barber. His vision needs work, but other than that the job would most likely be his.

3. It’s Barber’s backfield. What I think is the least likely scenario, but a possibility still. He’s been okay for fantasy in the past, and even under Koetter finished as in the RB27.

From a value standpoint, Barber is going at the 11.05, and Rojo at the 12.01. You’re not risking much drafting either one of them. From Bruce Arians’ history as a coach, there is roughly 400 rushing attempts to be had, and if that’s split right down the middle both of these players are worth owning, even in a RBBC.

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