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Free Agency Recap (Part 3)

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Today is our final installment of our Free Agency discussion. Anything else that happens with in the off-season will receive their own discussion if they are of any significance. Now that free agency is over mock draft season is upon us and we will have a lot of those coming up.

Golden Tate, Giants: FantasyPros expert, Mike Tagliere did the research, so I didn’t have to. Both Shepard and Tate do not play well out on the perimeter. One will play the outside killing their value while the other will maintain their role in the slot. To credit Tags, here is the link to his article.

Teddy Bridgewater, Saints: He resigned with the Saints, and I’m only writing about this for anyone who plays dynasty. Grab him, he is clearly the replacement for Brees after he retires which I would expect to be soon. It may be coach speak but Sean Payton has called Bridgewater the Saints future. A great offensive staff gives the former Vikings 1st Round pick a lot of upside.

Donte Moncrief, Steelers: I thought James Washington would be the replacement for AB, but Donte Moncrief’s two-year deal tells me he might be. I like Moncrief here but don’t be shocked if he becomes the number 3 receiver instead of the 1 or 2.

Jordan Matthews, 49ers: Replacement for Garcon. Dante Pettis is still the guy to own there, but Matthews could provide a nice PPR floor if you’re ever in need this season. If anyone can bring out the best in him it would be Kyle Shannahan.

The Patriots: Instead of going over all the discounts the Pats found, I’m just going to list their names and you can decide if you’ll invest. Matt Laccose, Bruce Ellington, and Maurice Harris. A tight end and two slot receivers. The real question is will they make the final roster, wait until then before going near them.

Ryan Fitpatrick, Dolphins: After losing out on Bridgewater, they went with the legend himself: Fitzmagic. He’ll probably tear it up this year and suck next year. Don’t draft him, just wait to sign him incase he still has some of the magic anywhere in his system.


Ryan Tannehill, Titans: I think this is just Mariota insurance. I don’t think he does much expect make a potential streaming option if/when Mariota gets hurt this year.

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