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Free Agency Recap (Part 2)

Free agency is wrapping up. As sad as I’ll miss the excitement of it, it only means football is near. Today we will dive in to the players who were not yet signed by Tuesday. Any other stragglers will see analysis if they are important next week.

Lev Bell, Jets: Let’s get this out of the way. The only thing worse than his fantasy value, is his newly released mixtape. It’s unfortunate he will not be what he was, but the volume should be there. This makes him somewhat viable, but honestly just grab James Connor in Pittsburgh in the same round, at least it’s a good offense.

Tyrell Williams, Raiders: Nope, stay away. This is a good team move, but not a good fantasy move. With Antonio Brown there to soak up all the targets, Williams won’t shine much. Greg Olsen’s offense will not be good enough to support to viable fantasy receivers, this just gives AB some better value as teams can’t just throw all their coverage on him.

Mark Ingram, Ravens: This is a good move, Ingram is a viable pass catcher, but can also do the downhill running that Gus Edwards provided for the Ravens. He’s good on the goal line and should have a year or two left in those legs. Depending on where he is drafted in 2019, he is definitely going to be worth a draft pick.

Devante Parker, Dolphins: Yes, I know he was with the Dolphins before. Adam Gase however almost shipped him out of town and had the team ready to move on from the former first round pick. Miami resigning Parker shows me that the team is willing to see what they really have in him and he could be a value in 2019 drafts.

John Brown, Bills: John Brown is fast, Josh Allen despite a lack of accuracy has a cannon. I like this marriage and I am excited to see what’s to come from it.

Cole Beasley, Bills: I like John Brown as the receiver to own in Buffalo much more. For what I imagine is going to be a low scoring offense, I would not suggest trying to get their number two receiver as a value, maybe in full point PPR you can convince me.

Cordalle Patterson, Bears: Nothing to see here, just a kick returner for the Bears. I love Patterson as a player, and a person, just not in fantasy football.

Latavius Murray, Saints: We all knew the Saints wouldn’t give Kamara the whole backfield to himself. All this means is Murray will fill the Mark Ingram role, and Kamara will continue to do what he does best, be great. Kamara is still worth a first-round draft pick and you shouldn’t think otherwise.

Tevin Coleman, 49ers: Well, Jerrick McKinnon and Matt Brieda are also there. I don’t know how to feel, Coleman had his best season under Shannahan as the ‘Coleman’ role so maybe this could be a good fit. I’m not sure who is the better value between him and McKinnon but it will be fun to figure out.


Odell Beckham Jr., Browns: I’m going to have fun talking about this during the off-season. This astronomically increases OBJ’s value in 2019. Saquon Barkley though, should see a lot of stacked boxes in his future. There is a lot to unravel here, but all we need to know is OBJ is worth a late first early second now.

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