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Free Agency Recap (Part 1)

Free Agency has ‘begun’. Technically contracts aren’t official until Wednesday at 4 PM, but a lot of teams have already made some big signings. Today, we will briefly discuss each one, and the most important of them will be discussed in depth in the future.

Nick Foles, Jaguars: This is probably my favorite signing thus far. I truthfully do not know how exactly it will turn out. The OC for the Jaguars though just so happens to be the Eagles former QB coach the year they won the Super Bowl with Nick Foles. This means he has familiarity with the system, and the OC has familiarity with what works well for Foles. I would wait to see if they get any viable pass catchers for Foles to throw to before we start calling him a value.

Frank Gore, Bills: Stay away, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Jamison Crowder: Crowder is a possession receiver, which is something the Jets need. Adam Gase has a love for slot guys, so in any PPR format I would suggest grabbing him if you can as your WR3 or a flex player if possible. Let’s also not forget that Darnold does enjoy throwing to whoever he has in the slot.

Jesse James, Lions: He’s not a superstar, but he is an upgrade. This helps Vance Macdonald who is staying in Pittsburgh more. The Lions needed a tight end, and I think at the very least he will be a viable streamer if your team needs one down the road. Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay should still see the bulk of the targets though.

Danny Ammendola, Lions: The Dolphins chose to go into rebuild mode, which makes sense. Dola should fit well in Detroit taking over that Golden Tate role. He’s not as good with the YAC as Tate was, but he will still be better than Bruce Elington, who still averaged about 10 PPR points a game with Detroit in the slot role. I think Dola is the better value in drafts between himself and Jesse James and is worth a flyer pick late if you’re interested.

Adam Humphries, Titans: This is interesting, with Mariota’s inaccuracy and health problems I do not know what Humphries ceiling will be. He’ll make a nice safety blanket for whichever QB is under center and should hold some value in PPR formats.

Mike Davis, Bears: I like this signing, and I don’t at the same time. I think Mike Davis is good, he can catch the ball and he was able to fit in well with the Seattle rotation of constantly running the ball. I don’t believe he’ll be a true workhorse, but I also think him and Tarik Cohen could complement each other. Chicago is still a risky offense as they are match up based. We’ll revisit this later in the off season.

Devin Funchess, Colts: Sigh. I like Devin Funchess, but the Colts did not really need a red zone type of player. I was hoping they would have found someone to compliment TY Hilton. Andrew Luck was on fire last season though, and Funchess could find a few TDs with his name on it. We will revisit this in the off season, but it looks like he is the number 2 receiver for a great offense.


Antonio Brown, Raiders: I guess this is fine. I would have preferred Denver make a play for him, or even Buffalo (who came out of nowhere in the running) but AB found a way out of that. Greg Olsen is still the OC, and he’s never had an offense finish in the top 15 in his NFL career. Carr is a competent quarterback however, so there is still some value to Brown in 2019.

Desean Jackson, Eagles: Jackson is returning home. I like this move on the surface, as the Eagles need WR help and I feel he will compliment Alshon Jeffery on the outside. Carson Wentz, however, doesn’t remember that there are other players not named Zach Ertz on his team so we will need to see how that develops. Though we should be most excited for Chris Godwin, who is going to be a GREAT number 2 receiver for the Bucs this season.

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