• Brian Wentworth II

Flacco or FlaccNO?

I’ve waited a bit before discussing the Joe Flacco to Denver trade. I’ve mainly been waiting to see if I could find anything positive about it. Truth be told I do not see him as more than a streamer, but he will be a better and more predictable streamer than he was in Baltimore.

During their complete overhaul of coaching staff, Denver hired the quarterback’s coach from San Francisco, Rich Scangarello. I think there is some positives here for a few reasons. 1, He’s from a system designed by a great offensive mastermind. 2, This same system had Nick Mullens and CJ Bethard combine for 3,529 Yards, 21 Touchdowns, and 17 INTs. These numbers aren’t phenomenal, but they also aren’t horrible.

If these stats become Flacco’s floor for 2019, I’ll take it. The question is what his ceiling is, and that’s not as easily predictable. I feel it is best to stay away from Flacco with a new coaching staff, on a new team, with new receivers. However, in a 2-QB League, if you are desperate for a plug and play type guy, he could be worth it. (Unfortunately, ADP for 2-QB leagues has not been released yet so you’ll have to use your own judgement as far as drafting him goes.)

In 1 Quarterback leagues, just stay away during draft season and grab him off waivers later. Spend your draft capital on a Quarterback with a great ceiling, not an average one at best. For example, Jameis Winston is currently a 12th round pick, while Joe Flacco is a 14th round pick. Famous Jameis is still the better draft pick two rounds higher than the questionably elite Joe Flacco.

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