• Brian Wentworth II

Evan Engram is an Enigma

Evan Engram is a fantasy enigma this season. On one hand, he’s the best thing left on the New York Giants outside of Barkley. On the other, he went from an 80% snap count in 2017, to 68.7% in 2018. The Giants, obviously, ran the ball with Saquon and used blocking tight ends on those plays. There is good news though.

Since coming back from injury in week 14, after Odell got injured in week 13, Engram was the TE12, TE1, TE4, TE3. When Odell was in the line up with Engram, he busted more than he boomed making him, like all tight ends, hit or miss. With Odell gone, we’re looking at a vacancy of 28.5% of the Giants target share, plus a vacancy of 11 red zone targets.

My only worry for Evan Engram, which makes him hard to rank, is his snap share. Odell is in Cleveland now though, and the targets must go somewhere and his snap count should spike to 80% or higher. Even Kyle Rudolph was somewhat usable with Pat Shurmur in 2017. Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard are primarily slot receivers, an Engram takes most of his snaps on the outside. I think the work will be there, the targets will be there, we just have to hope from competence from Eli Manning.

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