• Brian Wentworth II

Marlon Mack Was Better Than We Think

David Johnson under performed last season but he’s being drafted in the top 6 currently. Marlon Mack performed out standing in the 12 games he played last season and is currently being disrespected. Please note, I’m not knocking David Johnson. Marlon Mack is currently ECRs RB14 in half point leagues. I have Mack at RB10, and his ADP is currently the 3.01 (according to ADP Calculator).

Yes, Mack dealt with a hamstring injury to start last season, reaggravating it in week 2. When he was healthy though, he likely did not disappoint in your line up. Mack averaged 16 carries a game in 2018, and 39 red zone touches on the season. If we take his averages and populate that over 16 games, we’re looking at 256 carries (which would have been two less than David Johnson who had the third most in the NFL) and 51 red zone touches (which tie with Zeke for 5th in the NFL).

As far as opportunity goes, he is a top 12 guy and his production complements that. What prohibits Mack, is his lack of work in the passing game. He averaged two targets per game, and one reception per game (yikes). Mack makes his money on the ground, he averaged 4.4 yards per carry and got nine touchdowns on the ground. The Colts had one of the best offensive lines last season, the only ‘alarming’ factor? They did fire their offensive line coach. Why, I do not know. It is something to keep an eye on though, however the line from last season remains.

Who should you take him over? Well he’s going next to Aaron Jones, Leonard Fournette, and Nick Chubb. Nick Chubb will have the first 8 weeks at least to have a bulk of the workload, but Duke Johnson will steal some of the passing work. Aaron Jones has the potential of a committee, and Leonard Fournette has a new offensive coordinator. I would say Mack is worth drafting over all with Nick Chubb having the case to be above him. Everything is in place for Mack to have a spectacular season and you should get shares of him where you can.

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