• Brian Wentworth II

Devonta Freeman's Fantasy Value is Dead

In 2014 the Atlanta Falcons finished 24th in total rushing offense. Why does this stat from 2014 matter? Former Bucs head coach, Dirk Koetter returns to Atlanta to be the offensive coordinator as he once ones. We can talk all day about how excited I am for Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley (maybe even Austin Hooper), but Devonta Freeman is not going to be good this season. We owe it all to Dirk Koetter's return.

This season, Peyton Barber reached his ceiling as a running back under Koetter and averaged 9.5 PPR points per game. Barber finished as the RB30, which puts him barley into RB3 range. Devonta Freeman is being drafted at the 4.03 in 12 team PPR drafts, as the RB20. The RB30 isn’t being drafted until the SIXTH round, which means Freeman (if he finishes as Barber did under Koetter) will be two rounds too early.

With Koetter in Tampa, they only had one year (2015) in which they had a rushing offense in the top 5, at number 5. From 2016-18, the Bucs finished 24, 27, 29 getting progressively worse each year. Koetter’s one year with a top 5 rushing offense under him is only an outlier as he has a career of ranking at the bottom of the barrel in total rushing offense. Devonta Freeman is not even close to worth it, and I would advise letting him be someone else’s problem, not yours in 2019.

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