• Brian Wentworth II

Controversial, but Someone Has to Say It

Updated: May 28, 2019

In case you didn’t know, I do not like the tight end position in fantasy football. I am the strongest advocate for changing it to a WR/TE spot. Despite this though, I still talk about them because for the foreseeable future they are in most normally formatted leagues. When I say I’m not a fan of a player, make sure to check my rankings. I am not big on OJ Howard this season, but I still have him ranked as a TE1 because the landscape for the position is atrocious. Rob Gronkowski was a massive fantasy bust in 2018, and still finished as the TE11 because the position is a wasteland outside of the top 3 guys.

39/454/1, this is the best a tight end has ever done under Bruce Arians. This totals to 90.4 fantasy points (full PPR) which would have been the TE19, in extremely low end TE2 range. I’m not writing this article to trash OJ Howard, I have him at TE6 because it is hard to argue with the talent he holds, but the TE6 last season only went 71/660/4. I have him at TE6 because he is going to be able to capitalize on the targets he is given. The average amount of passing attempts Bruce Arians had while he coached the Cardinals was 550, this is almost 100 less than the Buccaneers had under Koetter last season. They’re going to get the running back involved (whoever ends up starting). This is going to take away from Howards already limited ceiling.

Howard's ADP is currently the 5.11, according to He is going in the same round as Calvin Ridley, James White, Derrius Guice, Chris Godwin, Jarvis Laundry and Alshon Jeffery. These are the guys I would take before Howard if they fall to that spot. If not, Howard is a fine draft pick. I do not hate the idea of owning him I just believe there is better depth players who can be starting on your fantasy team in more important positions than a tight end with a limited ceiling (because of opportunity). One thing we can’t forget is that opportunity outweighs talent in the world of fantasy football, and we need to remember that this coming season.

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