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Can Josh Rosen Bloom to a 2019 Streamer?

It seems since Jared Goff’s rookie year, we’ve had a quarterback get taken in the first round who looks like an absolute bust. Goff, Trubisky, and now Josh Rosen. Every year we always seem to say the new offensive coach hired to save their career ‘can’t’. Jeff Fischer, John Fox, and Mike McCoy have all seemed to stunt the development of these quarterbacks. Sean McVay changed Jared Goff from the QB37 in 2016 (please note he did not play a whole season) to the QB8 in 2017, and Goff finished as the QB9 in 2018. Mitch Trubisky went from the QB29 to the QB14 thanks to Matt Nagy. To put it into better numbers, Goff went from 1089/5/7 in seven games, to 3804/28/7 in fifteen games, and then to 4688/32/12. Unreal growth thanks to a young offensive mind. The same happened for Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky went from 2193/7/7 in 12 games, to 3223/24/12 (add in 421 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns).

Goff found himself as a good streaming option in his sophomore break out, Trubisky as a fantasy starter do to his rushing floor. Could this be the future of Josh Rosen? This year he went for 2278/11/14. These numbers were not good. The Cardinals did hire former college coach Kliff Kingsbury to be their offensive mind to try and save Josh Rosen. At Texas Tech as a head coach Kingsbury’s offense ranked as followed, 23rd, 55th, 2nd, 5th, 23rd, and 16th. When the offense ranked 2nd and 5th was with Pat Mahomes under center for Texas Tech. Without him he’s never been in the top 5.

It’s clear the Cardinals picked Kingsbury to try and turn Rosen into a Pat Mahomes like quarterback. One thing we forget is that all three of these quarterbacks still had the measurables that made them first round picks. Rosen will be enticing under a young head coach who got Pat Mahomes drafted. I do not imagine we Rosen as a fantasy starter. I do however think if you’re in the market for streaming quarterbacks or holding a guy until he can finally break out- Rosen is worth it. He is currently going undrafted. I would imagine with a new coach who will find the greatest strength on his team, Rosen could go 3800/23/11. There is a lot to prove for the man who said there were 9 mistakes drafted before him.

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