• Brian Wentworth II

Atlanta is Going to Have a Filthy Passing Attack

I’m extremely excited for Atlanta’s passing offense this season. Julio, Ridley, and Hooper are all on my draft list. Even Sanu is enticing, because Koetter’s offense can produce crazy passing numbers. I want to focus on Calvin Ridley though. He showed promise last season, but something got lost in translation and Atlanta just stopped using him. Weird.

Despite a good number of bust games, he still finished as the WR19 in Half PPR leagues. Chris Godwin, being the number 2 receiver under Koetter in Tampa finished as the WR24 in Half PPR. If Ridley fills the exact same role Godwin had for Koetter, he’ll take a dip in overall finish, but perhaps an up in consistency.

The only issue, the best a WR2 has done in Koetter’s offense (excluding Godwin) would have finished as 2018s WR33 in Half PPR. That was 5 years ago though, and the league has moved to be more pass friendly than it ever has. Ridley can do better than WR33. He’s being drafted as the WR24 currently in Half PPR leagues, which is right about where he should be. If his bust potential is WR33, you’re not a huge hit in value as the WR33 is being drafted in the 8th round, two rounds from where he is going.

Koetter is going to throw the ball and I highly advise this season; you grab any and every piece of the passing game you can. Each one is going right about where they should be and delivers WR1 upside in your line up each week just by being a part of a potent passing attack.

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