• Brian Wentworth II

An RB2 in the 7th Round?

Mark Ingram finished as the RB33, however through weeks 5 through 16 he was the RB16, as he was suspended for the first four games. In 2017 he finished as the RB6 within the Saints potent rushing attack. We saw some regression as expected, he still averaged 12 carries a game in the time he played which would have been 192 carries over a full season. Why is all this a big deal?

Latavius Murray is his replacement, a running back who’s been often inconsistent over the years, but still competent and played very well in Minnesota. Latavius Murray is currently being drafted as the RB33, in the 7th round. Over a 16-game season with almost 200 carries unless he is completely incompetent, he’ll do better than an RB3.

They’re not the exact same running back when it comes to carry rate, but its obvious the Saints picked him for a reason and brought no one else in. I do not see a lot of people disrespecting Murray, it’s just his ADP is super low for what you’ll get. You’re getting at least an RB2 in the 7th round who you’ll be able to plug in an out of your line up and should certainly find his way on your roster if you’re willing.

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