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7 Ways to Spice up your Fantasy League in 2019

There is not a lot going on in the NFL, I can only discuss so many players while I wait for Free Agency. There are coaching changes to discuss as well. Today we’re going to have some fun and discuss different ways to spice up your fantasy league. I’ve gone around and looked at different leagues I am in, and asked fantasy players how’d they like to see things change.

1. Fantasy AAF

The AAF is a new Spring football league. Currently there is no real platform that has opened this up yet. There is nothing wrong with getting a pen, some paper, and a calculator and doing the stats the old fashion way. Using this you can add incentive: winner gets the first pick in the draft, winner gets a keeper, or even winner gets immunity from punishments if he/she loses the league during the NFL season!

2. Points for Standings

This is concept I am a huge fan of. Your playoff standings go by a point system that your commissioner would keep track of. If you are one of the winning 4 to 6 (depending on league size) teams, you earn a point! If you are one of the top 4 to 6 scoring teams in the league you also get a point. This would be a way to reward teams set the perfect line up only to lose to the guy who had the Pat Mahomes/Tyrek Hill stack put up 100 total points. Some would argue that it isn’t any different because if you’re high scoring in theory you should be winning, but like NFL fantasy is any given Sunday and this is a way change how people set their line ups.

3. Side Bets

Side bets are an exciting way to make your weekly match ups more intense. You’re playing for more than bragging rights. I recently owed the champion of my league lunch for a whole weekend and his exact words were ‘Beating you never tasted so good.’ Fantasy is fun, but you’re out to dominate and own your friends. There is no better way to do that than winning a free lunch from them while they hold the door for you. Take it a step further, loser gets a tattoo, or must wear a dress to work. Anything crazy but make your weekly match ups worth more!

4. Change the TE Position

I discussed this already in my first article Tight Ends Must Go, so I’m not going to get too deep into detail. Removing tight ends for a second flex or a WR/TE can allow higher scoring and eliminates the variability of the hardest position to predict in fantasy (harder than kickers believe it or not). The top 3 guys (Kelce, Ertz, and Kittle) can still be played, along with the random tight end who ends up with a good season. Something to consider if you want higher scoring match ups every week.

5. Make the Loser Bracket Mean Something

In a 12-team league, 6 teams typically do not make the playoffs and everyone who didn’t quits. This makes the final standings for the bottom six inaccurate. If you make the winner of the loser’s bracket receive the number 1 pick. More people will pay attention while the 6 playoff teams fight for first place, and they can continue to spoil waivers for the playoff teams!

6. Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB)

Waivers can get annoying when they go reverse order of standings. It’s a system designed to even out the league giving the worst teams higher priority at the start of the week. FAAB allows all teams to have a shot at FA signings throughout the season with a 100-dollar budget. Owners then must adjust their budgets week by week and try to outbid other owners which can create excitement. Enabling 0-dollar bids lets owners continue to try and bid later in the season. If two owners bid the same amount, then reverse order of standings kicks in still allowing the lower teams to get their FA if needed.

7. Keepers/Draft Pick Trading

Keepers are great if they’re done right. No one wants to keep a guy when they automatically become your first-round pick. People want steals, rewarding people for drafting Pat Mahomes in the eleventh round (keeping him for an eleventh-round pick) makes it worth it. Open draft pick trading along with this, and now owners can trade and try and keep a player that they did not draft but they still get value for the next season. Keepers and draft pick trading will also have people paying attention in the off-season and can help league members stay in touch before the season!

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