• Brian Wentworth II

4 Ways to Make Your Commissioners Life Easier

Being the commissioner of a fantasy league is not always as easy a job as you think. Pressing very close friends to pay their league fees is not easy. On the day of love, were going to discuss ways to show your commissioner you love and appreciate him by making his life easier.

1. Pay Your League Fee Before the Draft

This should come as an easy one, but it’s not. Some people don’t pay until after the draft, and some people don’t pay in hopes they win. As soon as you can pay the league fee so the commissioner knows you are dedicated, and he can count on you to pay attention all season.

2. Pay Attention

When a fantasy league has inactive players, it ruins the stat line of how people are doing. The best team in the league could have quit after a week one loss, and now teams who don’t belong in the playoffs will be in. What makes this hard for the commissioner? He must find someone to replace you with the following season and not everyone likes fantasy football.

3. The League Doesn’t End if You Are Not in the Playoffs

Before you say, “well duh Brian we all know that!”, teams at the bottom of the league will quit and either drop all their players or trade them to a fringe playoff team who ends up winning. Now your commissioner must deal with an uproar from people who had a chance at winning the championship stripped from them. Bad trades happen, and people win trades after they happen – that’s part of the game. To intentionally stack a team because you didn’t win is collusion.

4. Have Fun

Fantasy is not just about dominating your friends and proving who is the best. It’s about having fun and finding a new love for the game of football. Your commissioner is not Rodger Goodell and wants everyone to enjoy the league. Have fun, and don’t throw a fit if things don’t go your way.

I hope everyone enjoyed the league related discussions this week, next week we have my analysis of the Flacco trade and a player I’m not so excited about next year!

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