• Brian Wentworth II

3 Best Late Round QBs

From the 10th to about the 13th round you can find the best stream able quarterbacks that don’t require you to take a dip in depth from your RBs and WRs. Today were going to countdown my top 3 late round QBs to start off your 2019 season.

1. Jameis Winston, ADP:10.01 – If any coach can fix Winston, its Arians. He’s spent his whole year ‘turnover’ prone, but towards the end of last season he started playing safe. It didn’t help his last coach only knew how to have the ball thrown, and the Bucs had a ridiculously amount of passing attempts. He had 5 QB1 performances last season during the QB rotation. In the 10th round, you’re risking a lot if Winston busts, but you’re still risking less than the dude who drafts Pat Mahomes in the 3rd round. This is his season to prove he’s the Bucs franchise QB so I would expect a good return from Winston.

2. Jimmy Garappolo, ADP:11.02 – He has never played a full 16 game season and we have a very limited sample size from him. Kyle Shanahan is his coach however, and that’s enough to bite on Jimmy G. Shanahan has made Matt Ryan an MVP, got Jimmy G ready to win games after only a few weeks of being on the roster. Let’s not forget how good Nick Mullens looked with the Niners last year. Jimmy G is a good buy, and you’re risking almost nothing to draft him this season.

3. Mitch Trubisky, ADP:13.03 – You start with a nice rushing floor when you have him in your line up. He was a bit hit or miss towards the end of last season, but let’s not forget how good he was from weeks 4-10 (Buffalo in week 9 is an outlier as they were one of the best defenses against QBs). 13th round is absolutely no risk, and Trubisky should 100% be on your radar if you want to wait until then. Chicago’s offense can be a little stressful at times but, you’re not investing a lot here to care.

In reality though, draft who you like, and pay attention to your league. If you see players from the 8th and 9th round falling you in the 10th, I would take them if they are a safer bet. These three QBs have some risk to them, but for little investment the pay off is greater.

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